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Please vote for my wonderful neighbour, Rachel, who's entered into an online competition to win a wing walk.

By way of background, Rachel had to take very early retirement due to ill-health. She has Crohn's Disease and has to use crutches to walk with due to badly hurting her knee. Despite this, when she's well she hasn't let her ill health from stopping her getting on with things - such as teaching herself plumbing and electrics and DIY, where she's so good that builders I've hired have offered her a job! She's one of these very capable people who could do anything...except when her condition flares up and then she has to rest until she's well enough to function again, which I know she finds very frustrating and upsetting.

She'll do anything for everyone to help out when she's well enough, is always on hand to help and would really love the chance to wing walk (even with a dodgy knee and crutches!).

If you can spare moment to vote for her, you'll not only make her very happy but if she wins but she'll also donate £100 to Comic Relief, so it's win win!

She's no 13 on the link below.

You have to vote for three participants so please be as random as possible with the other votes (as we want her to win!).

Also, if you could consider sending re-blogging this so that even more people see this and vote for Rachel that would be fabulous! Please help Rachel win - it would be lovely to make her so happy!
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