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Oh God. 15 minutes in and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to continue.

The fuck!

No, no, fucking no!


Starts off in Oxford. *eye roll* And then moves to London. Because they're the only two places in England. *snerk*

There's the English equivalent of Bones and Booth. Only the forensic anthropologist's a male Oxford don. *rolls eyes again* And the incredibly unrealistic upper-class Met police inspector (who's from Scotland Yard, even though they drag the body out of the Thames, right by the Houses of Parliament *yet another eye roll* and therefore it's the jurisdiction of the Thames River Police) is a woman. Not sayiing there aren't upper-class police inspectors. Just that they're rarer than a nice guy on the trading room floor...

Oh, and the body turns out to be that ofs an American heiress, so naturally Booth and Brennan are asked to become involved. Booth whines about not having a gun so female Inspector says she'll get him one!

I don't bloody well think so. No. Fucking. Way!

Turns out American heiress was going out with a Lord Henry. Who's the heir to a dukedom. *eyes roll even more wildly*

Have got to the point where Booth is driving - on the wrong side of the road - through the City, just past Bank, in an old-style red mini. That probably wouldn't be even on the road now, let alone hired out by a hire car company. And he's just gone through a red light and then when he's almost caused an accident is having a temper tantrum. Oh, and the Inspector has just said how she's looking forward to Booth and Brennan grilling the Royal Family. *eyes roll right out of head now*

It's so egregiously wrong, bad and cliched that words fail me.

Despite the ridiculous end to Season 3, I really like Bones dammit. But so far the 15 minutes I've watched of this episode has been some of the most cringe-making TV ever.
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