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I persevered and finally reached the end. For me, this is officially the worst episode of Bones I've ever seen.

Major plot point. The American property developer (played, of course, by Michael Brandon. *g*), was trying to develope a piece of land in Kensington, in order to build some 'condominiums'. *winces*. We don't have condominiums in Britain, but everyone, including the British characters, referred to the development in this way. Well, okay, I can forgive the need to 'translate' for US audiences so can let that one go. But. The development had been held up for 2 years because they might (might, mind you, not had) discover Bronze Age remains there. The British Bones equivalent was in charge of the dig looking for remains.

No. Just no. If we were to hold up development in London, especially in a highly developed and extremely expensive part of London like Kensington, because we might discover ancient remains we'd never get any building done. You see, large swathes of London is riddled with ancient remains. For example, I used to work on Upper Thames Street, which is the main street in the City that runs alongside the Thames. When a building was torn down for redevelopment, the remains of the Roman London baths were discovered. At that point, true enough, the building ceased and the archaeologists moved in, carefully removed the baths to a museum and the building works resumed. Given that there was no find of remains in Kensington, then the building would have simply continued.

Another major plot point. Bones' equivalent is murdered. The murderer tries to make it look like an accident, by burning down his flat. Leaving aside that an Oxford don apparently lives in a studio flat (I don't think so!), how did the fire start? Why, because he was boiling a kettle on the 'stove'! The what? The how? Leaving aside that they all, including the Brits, referred to the gas cooker as a stove. there's no way he'd be boiling the kettle on the cooker. Why? Because, in common with the rest of the British population, he'd have an electric kettle. *head desk* Okay, if he'd had an Aga, he might boil a kettle on it (although everyone I know who has an Aga also has an electric kettle) but this was a bog-standard gas cooker.

You know, when an American TV series does an episode set in Britain, I don't expect them to get everything right. Likewise, I know that when a British TV series goes to America they often get some of the details wrong.

But this episode of Bones got everything wrong, including major plot points that just would never happen. Couple that with leaving no 'American in England' cliche unused, and then breaking Angela and Hodges up, and well, I hated it.

Er, as you may have gathered. *g*
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