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Has anyone managed to receive a complete set as advertised on the packaging of this, complete with all the special features?

The version I recently received from Amazon UK doesn't have the special features and the discs inside are labelled wrongly. It appears that the manufacturer has inserted the discs from the Season 4 box sets Parts 1 and 2, which were sold separately earlier, and which don't have the special features. Amazon have now stopped selling the complete box set as a result of this problem and I'm trying to ascertain whether it's universal or whether Warner Home Video have managed to screw up some batches and not others.

I'm going to return my set to Amazon and after a certain amount of whining on my part they even gave me a £5 credit on my next purchase. At the time I thought it was their fault but now see that customers who bought from Play have had the same problem as well. So, I am feeling a tad guilty on Amazon's behalf...

However, I'm feeling even more annoyed at Warner Home Video's failure. I don't want to have to purchase the Region 1 version from or as I'll end up paying massive postal charges, plus may get stung by Customs for import duty as well. So, I'm trying to find out if anyone has got the correct Region 2 version.

Really not happy - talk about false advertising by Warner and it may end up hurting SPN Season 4 DVD sales as well as a result of Warner's screw-up.
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