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Now they're interviewing the fiancee and the father of the deceased heiress in counsel's chambers! Counsel's just come out of court in his wig and robes. Clearly didn't bother to use the robing room at court... Cause, oh yeah, counsel dash around London in wig and gown all the bleeding time. Not! But the main point is, it wouldn't be bloody counsel in the first place! They'd be represented by solicitors. Argh!

And that's leaving aside the whole Booth and Brennan barge into the Duke's 'palace', claiming jurisdiction! Er, no. See, in England & Wales the only way you can be forced to attend an interview is at the police station, under caution, following arrest.

The pain, the pain.

It's worse that even Judge John Deed, I tell you.

Date: 5 September 2008 19:32 (UTC)
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I found it painful and I don't even live in the UK! And I love Bones -- but I'm not sure this was the best idea they ever had for an episode. I'm wondering just why they decided to film in London. Are they considering a spin off? [shrug]

Date: 5 September 2008 19:35 (UTC)
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God, I hope not! Judging by this it will be unwatchable.

I'm positive it's not the best idea they've ever had for an episode. Unless it improves dramatically it will be Worst Episode Ever for me, worse than the Season 3 finale, even.

Heavy sigh.

How could they have got it so badly wrong. How?
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Date: 5 September 2008 20:07 (UTC)
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Perhaps we should be optimistic and hope that in next week's episode not only is the case kicked out of court for failure to follow due process, but Booth is arrested for the illegal possession of a firearm.

Date: 5 September 2008 21:20 (UTC)
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Actually, be don't automatically throw cases out if the correct procedure isn't used... The defence will make an application for abuse of process and the judge will decide whether it's so bad that the case should not continue. But evidence obtained without a warrant, in circumstances when a warrant ought to have been obtained, may be admitted if the judge directs.

OTOH, yes without a valid licence, and permission to carry in public, Booth's facing a minimum three years jail term...

Date: 5 September 2008 21:07 (UTC)
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Date: 5 September 2008 21:20 (UTC)
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Just this episode. Oh, and the Season 3 finale.

Date: 5 September 2008 21:48 (UTC)
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counsel dash around London in wig and gown all the bleeding time

I know I do! In fact, I wear mine to pop down to Tesco's for a pint of milk. People may stare, but that's just the English legal process for you.

It sounds worse than Criminal Justice, and that's saying something.

Date: 5 September 2008 22:24 (UTC)
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In fact, I wear mine to pop down to Tesco's for a pint of milk.

*giggling helplessly*


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